"The family is called to be the temple, or house of prayer: a simple prayer, full of effort and tenderness. A prayer that makes life so that life becomes prayer."

— St. John Paul II

Our Family Ministry

We are Caleb and Katie and we make Catholic crafts that come together beautifully in a simple, cohesive Prayer Space. Be Still started out of the desire to create a home altar that our whole family would actively use and grow with - and growing we have done! We had Luciana and Leo 20 and 18 years ago, then 14 and 16 years LATER, the Lord blessed us with Eli and Emmelia! Having kids from preschool all the way to college, we know that remembering to just Be Still and feel the Lord’s presence is so important for everybody, in order to become the Saints we were born to be!

Thus, an intentional and inviting Prayer Space that is easily placed in the center of our home is ideal. It lives on our wall, but is easily taken down and set on our coffee table during family rosary, prayer or celebrations. The older kids appreciate their personal, smaller, bedside Prayer Spaces since they can make it uniquely theirs. These options give us constant reminders to pray daily, as well as the ability to honor the many sacraments and celebrations throughout the liturgical year as a family.

We have spent hours praying for direction and creative inspiration as we developed and custom-built a unique Prayer Space that is beautifully timeless, while being versatile and ever-changing. We’ve created a variety of custom-made Catholic items that allow for prayer and contemplation for you, your family and loved ones at any stage of their spiritual journey. We feel blessed to be able to offer such a meaningful and relevant home altar. We sincerely pray that a Be Still Prayer Space may draw your family closer together through prayer in your domestic church. 


We concept, design and build all of the elements you see in prayer space. The Lord blessed us with graphic and industrial design talents!


This is a new exciting time for us and we are diligently building each prayer space with love. Thank you for your patience as we put together your finished pieces.


During the fruition of Be Still, it was important to us to make this sacred space as handmade as possible. We feel that we have accomplished this mission!

Our Crafts

Our unique catholic crafts are designed, illustrated, concepted, produced and fulfilled by us right here in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, USA! Caleb and I love collaborating together to create beautiful things for the glory of God. We have been blessed to be able to pursue this dream of working alongside each other so that our work and family time is happily blended together.

With his imagination and attention to detail, Caleb – with the aid of 3D printers – creates the exquisite crucifix, dove ornament and holders for the holy water vial and candle. The rosaries are adorned with a charm designed by me. I mold the cross from clay and string it with recycled glass and wood beads. Our years of graphic design experience shine through in the illustrations, typography and attention to detail in our printed pieces. It brings me such fulfillment and joy to create the sacred artwork of Our Blessed Mother and the other religious icons. To bring all these core Catholic items together in a central place, Caleb uniquely cuts and paints pieces of hardwood to be used as the base to our prayer spaces. We hope that the love and time our family has put into these Catholic crafts draws your family closer to Him.

Bringing Prayer Spaces to Unexpected Places

Our wish is to provide some of our prayer spaces to our sisters and brothers in places they did not expect to be – and when they may need it most. We are working on ways to make this part of our ministry!

Growing Our Ministry

We hope to grow our business and bring Prayer Spaces to as many people as possible. If you are inclined to help us fulfill this mission within your business, let's talk!